Lot 16: Agroloja Typica Caturra Natural

Coffee and cupping details


The participating coffee lot is an improved typical blend plus caturra, the plantation is in the third year after transplantation, selective harvesting has been carried out only optimal ripe fruit, natural process with thermal shock, which favors the modulation of flavors with time controlled fermentation, taking great care of parameters such as pH and temperature; The drying has been carried out in canopies, for a period of 35 days, it is stored in a grainpro sleeve and jute bag on pallets to guarantee freshness and quality

Weight: 258 lbs
Score: 87.44
Cupping notes: Blackberry, raisin, apricot, almond, banana, plum juice.
Harvest Date: August 2020
Varietal: Typica-Caturra

Farm details


Finca Agroloja is a project that begun in 2017, it has a high altitude dry forest reserve with trees such as ceibos, willcos, faique, bamboo, fruit trees such as custard apple, guabos, citrus, mango, banana, banana; the fauna is abundant where birds and mammals such as deer, squirrels, tumulle, armadillos, among others, stand out.

Top Performing Farm: Agroloja
Top Performing Farmer: Angel Reyes - Lot 3
Top Performing District: Loja
Top Performing Village: Loja
Farm Size: 27.0 ha
Farm Elevation: 1,500
Average Rainfall: 669
Processing Method: Dry Processing
Drying Method: Natural
Mill: Fapecafes

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