7th December 2022

22:00 hrs London Time

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Taza Dorada


This year Taza Dorada Ecuador 2022 celebrates its sixteenth edition, an event proudly created in Ecuador for coffee producers.

Since 2007 Taza Dorada has promoted the production of speciality coffee and their exibitions around the world. This competition and auction, offers coffee producers the opportunity to reach the most demanding markets and expose their different varieties and processes, guaranteeing traceability from the farm to the end consumer.

The lots in this auction will showcase the International winners from Taza Dorada 2022 Competition.

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7th December 2022

  • 14:00 pm Los Angeles
  • 17:00 pm Ecuador
  • 17:00 pm New York
  • 22:00 pm London
  • 23:00 pm Berlin

8th December 2022

  • 01:00 am Riyadh
  • 02:00 am Dubai
  • 06:00 am Shanghai
  • 07:00 am Tokyo
  • 07:00 am Seoul
  • 09:00 am Sydney

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The goals of this auction

We seek to create prestige and value at our source to establish sustainable long-term relationships between coffee producers and buyers around the world.

Promote Ecuador as a unique specialty coffee origin

Promote local consumption

Export to specialty coffee markets

Support small coffee producers

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This auction has had and continues to have an impact on the local coffee industry, motivating coffee growers to continue raising the quality parameter that we all want to offer to the world.


We want to invite you to celebrate with us Taza Dorada 2022 in its Special Edition for 16 years of history!

This event was created 16 years ago in Ecuador for coffee producers to promote better agricultural practices of production harvest and post-harvest, that motivate producers to improve on the quality of coffee. Transforming coffee growing in Ecuador from commercial to specialty coffees.

This event allowed producers independence in the sale of their product at international market prices (stock market), reaching a sustainable pricing model. Today Ecuador is recognized as one of the best coffees in the world, thanks mainly to the incredible effort and work of coffee producers in these 16 years. Let's go for more!

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Process of the competition


    12 of September to 7 of October


    6th October 2022


    4 to 13 of October


    28th of October 2022 at 15:00 hrs Ecuador time


    7th December 2022 at 22:00 hrs London time

Meet the international jury

  • Matt Winton - Momos Coffee & World Barista Champion (Australia)

  • Sebastian Sztabzyb - Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters (Canadá)

  • Kapo Paavolainen - One Day Coffee Co (Finlandia)

  • Wayner Jiménez - Exclusive Coffees (Costa Rica)

  • Benjamin Tan Jun Shuang - Glyph Supply Co. (Singapur)

  • Pua Yi Sin - Glyph Supply Co. (Singapur)

  • Elkanah Lim Wei Chuang - Glyph Supply Co. (Singapur)

Facts about the competition


Samples were recieved to participate in the competition


Coffee- Producing provinces


For the first time in 16 years 7 coffees scored above 90 points


2 coffees scored 92+, obtaining a historical score record