Lot 20: San Francisco Caturra Natural

Lot Description

Reference Number:20
Opening Bid:$5.00/lb
Weight:271 lbs
Process:Dry Processing
Harvest:June 2020
Producer Cupping Notes:Clove, panela, red wine, peach, grape.
Drying Method:Natural

Farm details

Producer Name: Andres Romo
Farm Name: Hacienda San Francisco
Region: Carchi
Town: Bolívar
Farm Size: 350.0 ha
Mill: Caravela
Farm Elevation: 2220-2365

Producer Story:

Hacienda San Francisco, begun as part of the El Tambo hacienda, belonging to the Jesuit order, the religious movement obtained this territory from a pastoral chief who dominated much of the territory that today is the Bolívar state. With the expulsion of the Jesuits from the territory, the El Tambo ranch, became managed by the Yarab family, later the owners decided to divide the ranch into three parts, the San Francisco farm, the Tutapis farm and the El Tambo farm, these farms were sold to different owners. The Romo family acquires the San Francisco farm, at the head of this acquisition Mr. Jorge Romo, current owner of 350 hectares. Mr. Jorge Romo, a businessman with a different vision in his work, undertakes the cultivation of coffee, being the first grower of this golden fruit in the north of the country and is one of the first large-scale coffee growers in Ecuador, This crop has its entire agro-industrial process, starting from production, harvest, post harvest, industrialization and commercialization.

Other info

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