Lot 14: Majorelle Typica Honey

Coffee and cupping details

Weight: 94 lbs
Score: 87.66
Cupping notes: Red dates, ripe cherry, plum, rose tea, orange.
Varietal: Typica

Farm details


Majorelle Coffee Farm was born in 2016 inspired by a passion for the land and family heritage. The Andrade Ochoa family begins this adventure to create a high-quality coffee from the Ecuadorian Amazon. Their love for the land makes them give priority to natural forest, fauna and water. Their trips have been a source of inspiration and renewal, inspired by the gardens of Marrakech, they choose the name of Majorelle for their farm.

Top Performing Farm: Majorelle
Top Performing Farmer: Familia Andrade Ochoa
Top Performing District: Napo
Top Performing Village: El Chaco
Farm Location: -0.184282, -7.7743958E7
Farm Elevation: 1,500
Average Rainfall: 3500
Processing Method: Washed Processing
Drying Method: Red Honey
Mill: Caravela

Other info

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