Lot 10: La Josefina Sidra Washed

Coffee and cupping details

Weight: 128 lbs
Score: 88.72
Cupping notes: Peach, cherries, mango, red berries.
Varietal: Sidra

Farm details


La Josefina is the environment of uncountable species and the greenhouse of our family & coffee. It all started a few years ago. We are dreamers that put ourhands to hard work. We have been coffee lovers since ages, and finding good coffee has been a challenge for us in Ecuador. As a couple, Ligia Merizalde and Leopoldo Andrade, are the hands behind this green land. Together with a big native crew, they have developed what La Josefina is at the moment, a place to find unique coffee. Through your way to the Amazonas, you find Cascabel. A wild and unexplored town, home of hundreds of unidentified species, and a pure landscape that can only be overcome by it's own beauty. There, we found the perfect place to start making in it happen. A tropical weather, surrounded by bird's chants and a fertile ground, home of La Josefina. Deep in the jungle, as part of the Cayambe-Coca Natural Reserve, you find an indescribable view, a generous land filled by green mountains, lakes & swamps and more than 3500 different breeds guided by a tropical and exotic weather that provides quintessential conditions
for growing high quality coffee.

Top Performing Farm: La Josefina
Top Performing Farmer: Leopoldo Andrade
Top Performing District: Napo
Top Performing Village: El Chaco
Farm Location: -0.184282, -7.7743958E7
Farm Elevation: 1,500
Average Rainfall: 3500
Processing Method: Washed Processing
Drying Method: Washed
Mill: Caravela

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