Lot 7: La Florida (Zamora) Caturra Bourbon Typica Washed

Coffee and cupping details

Weight: 210 lbs
Score: 89.44
Cupping notes: Bergamot, brown sugar, raisins, grapefruit.
Harvest Date: July 2020
Varietal: Caturra-Bourbon-Typica

Farm details


Located at "Vitoria de Imbana" village, La Florida has 7 hectares of coffee, 80 hectares of green grass, 40 hectares of brown grass and 107 hectares of virgin mountains.

Top Performing Farm: La Florida
Top Performing Farmer: Vitaliano Merino
Top Performing District: Zamora Chinchipe
Top Performing Village: Zamora
Farm Size: 227.0 ha
Farm Location: -3843807.0, -7.9116569E7
Farm Elevation: 1,750
Average Rainfall: 1629
Processing Method: Washed Processing
Drying Method: Washed
Mill: Fapecafes

Other info

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