Lot 17: Cruz Loma Typica Sidra Honey

Coffee and cupping details

Weight: 341 lbs
Score: 87.34
Cupping notes: Tangerine, Honey, prune, lemon cookie, vanilla.
Harvest Date: August 2020
Varietal: Typica-Sidra

Farm details


FINCA CRUZ LOMA is located at the Northwest of Pichincha State at 1,450 meters above sea level in San José de Minas parish, with a subtropical climate, is a wonderful place that has allowed us grow a variety of products such as soursop, corn, beans, naranjilla, orange, tangerine, among others. Above all it has allowed us to grow excellent COFFEE. The history of our farm dates back 80 years since the initial owners of Finca Cruz Loma were my grandparents, later it passed into the hands of my parents and currently my four brothers and I are in charge. I got involved in coffee 20 years ago working with my mother on the farm, later I worked in companies related to the coffee world and I have carried out projects that have helped the industry. One of the most important motivations is to be able to carry out the processes of coffee and enjoy it and be able to help the people around my farm with labor. Growing my coffee is an activity that allows me to apply and develop the skills that I have been learning over the years, additional is the main resource in my family since both my wife, my daughters and I are involved in the production and marketing of our coffee. Additionally, our flora and fauna are very diverse since we have endemic plants and exotic fauna that allows us to be a unique place full of magic and splendor.

Top Performing Farm: Cruz Loma
Top Performing Farmer: Galo Morales - Lot 1
Top Performing District: Pichincha
Top Performing Village: Quito
Farm Size: 350.0 ha
Farm Location: 0.201551, -7.8497911E7
Farm Elevation: 1,450
Average Rainfall: 1750
Processing Method: Washed Processing
Drying Method: Honey
Mill: Caravela

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