Lot TDA-005-#2: Clara Luz Geisha Natural

Lot Description

Reference Number:TDA-005-#2
Opening Bid:$15.00/lb
Weight:125 lbs
Producer Cupping Notes:Rose petals, cardamom, plum, jasmine, grapefruit.

Coffee details


SCA green standards: 15 screen size

0 primary defects

Packed in vacuum bags and boxes (50 pounds aprox.)

Farm details

Producer Name: Servio Gonzalez
Farm Name: Clara Luz
Region: Loja - Quilanga
Farm Size: 12.0 ha
Farm Elevation: 1,720 masl
Average Rainfall: 1,100

Producer Story:

This is one of the farms that were planted by my parents more than 50 years ago, it has native tree species such as: laurel, avocado, fig, guabo, avocado, saguilamo, jacaranda, Fernan Sanchez (tree) , citrus species such as orange trees, lemon trees, orange trees citrus fruits, others such as bananas, plantains, there are species of species such as squirrels, skunks, guanchaco, birds such as Hornero (llangache), chirocas, Thrush, Palomas, Partridges, hummingbirds, among others.


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