XIV Taza Dorada 2020

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Auction overview

Lots: 22
Bidding starts: 24 Nov 2020 22:00:00 GMT
Ends: 25 Nov 2020 00:31:11 GMT

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  • 14:00 PM : Los Angeles
  • 17:00 PM : New York
  • 19:00 PM : Sao Paulo
  • 22:00 PM : London
  • 01:00 AM : Riyadh
  • 05:00 AM : Jakarta
  • 06:00 AM : Shanghai
  • 07:00 AM : Tokyo
  • 09:00 AM : Sydney

About this years auction

This year, Taza Dorada had a record number of 114 coffee samples to participate in their competition. A National Jury consisting of 10 judges were selected to run the competition. This jury included Jooyeon Jeon – Momos Coffee & World Barista Champion (South Korea). They evaluated all samples and qualified 40 of them for the International Round, all scoring 86.00 or above. The final selection of coffees will consist of the top 20 selected by the jury.

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Lots in this auction

Lot Score Weight Increment Bid Total value Title High bidder Time left
190.59123lbs$0.10$70.25/lb$8,640.75Hacienda La Florida (Loja) Typica AnaerobicMOMOSCOFFEE FINISHED
2a90.19104lbs$0.10$31.60/lb$3,286.40Indera Geisha NaturalPebble Coffee (Taiwan), Simple Kaffa (Taiwan), Kakalove (Taiwan) & Urban Coffee Roaster (HK) FINISHED
2b90.19104lbs$0.10$31.75/lb$3,302.00Indera Geisha NaturalSAZA COFFEE FINISHED
3a89.94189lbs$0.10$21.25/lb$4,016.25Cruz Loma Typica-Sidra WashedSUPREMO COFFEE FINISHED
3b89.94189lbs$0.10$21.25/lb$4,016.25Cruz Loma Typica-Sidra WashedHatch Coffee Roaster (Canada) FINISHED
489.72309lbs$0.10$13.65/lb$4,217.85Indera Geisha HoneyPebble Coffee (Taiwan) & Simple Kaffa (Taiwan) FINISHED
589.66170lbs$0.10$15.75/lb$2,677.50Hacienda La Florida (Loja) Typica Carbonic M.Yellow Horse International, Inc. FINISHED
689.54211lbs$0.10$19.25/lb$4,061.75Hacienda La Florida (Loja) Typica Catucai Carbonic M.Wataru & Co., Ltd. FINISHED
789.44210lbs$0.10$26.00/lb$5,460.00La Florida (Zamora) Caturra Bourbon Typica WashedSUPREMO COFFEE FINISHED
889.41206lbs$0.10$26.75/lb$5,510.50Ecuacafetal Typica HoneySAZA COFFEE FINISHED
988.75197lbs$0.10$13.35/lb$2,629.95Ecuacafetal Typica WashedWataru for Nozy Coffee FINISHED
1088.72128lbs$0.10$20.75/lb$2,656.00La Josefina Sidra WashedWataru for Nozy Coffee FINISHED
1188.03141lbs$0.10$30.25/lb$4,265.25Lugmapata Typica-Geisha WashedSAZA COFFEE FINISHED
1287.91389lbs$0.10$15.25/lb$5,932.25Cruz Loma Typica-Sidra AnaerobicLINKING COFFEE CO., LTD FINISHED
1387.75188lbs$0.10$9.25/lb$1,739.00Bruhwer Typica-Caturra-Catucai Natural AnaerobicWataru for ROLE COFFEE FINISHED
1487.6694lbs$0.10$10.45/lb$982.30Majorelle Typica Honey Wataru & Co., Ltd. FINISHED
1587.56100lbs$0.10$23.25/lb$2,325.00Hacienda La Florida (Loja) Yellow Catucai Natural Carbonic M.Wataru & Co., Ltd. FINISHED
1687.44258lbs$0.10$10.35/lb$2,670.30Agroloja Typica Caturra NaturalCoffee Montage, Peer Coffee, 304 roasters, Coffee Place, FEBRUARY ROASTERS FINISHED
1787.34341lbs$0.10$9.25/lb$3,154.25Cruz Loma Typica Sidra HoneyWataru & Co., Ltd. FINISHED
1887.2899lbs$0.10$11.00/lb$1,089.00Finca Soledad Typica NaturalTrystero Coffee FINISHED
1987.06347lbs$0.10$7.10/lb$2,463.70Los Tucanes Typica WashedWataru for Nozy Coffee FINISHED
2087.0271lbs$0.10$6.10/lb$1,653.10San Francisco Caturra NaturalWataru & Co., Ltd. FINISHED
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