About us

About Us

The Ecuadorian National Coffee Association is the organizer of Taza Dorada Ecuador 2022 in its Special Edition for 16 years of history, an event created with pride in Ecuador for coffee producers.

ANECAFÉ is a human group of professionals that associates producers, roasters, exporters, tasters, baristas, industrialists and passionate about coffee, chaired by Joseph Massoud, a coffee producer with more than 34 years in the industry.

Taza Dorada is a 100% Ecuadorian event created 16 years ago for coffee producers, in order to promote better agricultural production, harvest and post-harvest practices and motivate producers to bet on coffee quality, transforming coffee growing into Ecuador from commercial coffees to specialty coffees.

This international trend gives producers independence in the sale of their product with respect to market prices (stock market), achieving a sustainable pricing model. Today Ecuador is recognized as one of the best coffees in the world, thanks mainly to the incredible effort and work of coffee producers in these 16 years. Let's go for more!

Vinicio Martínez, Director of the contest, is a coffee producer and President of Fapecafés, the largest producer association in the country that brings together more than 1,200 coffee-producing families.